Sample Projects

Drimcong House
Rowantree Hostel, Ennis
Old Grammar School


The development of listed buildings and national monuments requires specialist knowledge and our skill and experience coupled with the many successful project completions to date are a testament to our ability and understanding in this regard.

Our range of successfully completed projects is evidence of our ability and ingenuity to deal with complex and restrictive issues as they are encountered. Bringing the past to life, presenting and conserving the historic look and feel of a building, is one of our many key objectives. The challenge that can often occur with such projects is the assessment and, when necessary, the strengthening of existing elements while protecting the structure.

Coyle Kennedy Ltd was appointed as structural engineers for the development of the first National Monument in Ireland where Ministerial consent was required for all works throughout the project under the National Monuments (Amendment) Act (2004). An achievement regarded with pride. 

Coyle Kennedy is one of the first companies in Ireland to have carried out building restoration, conservation and refurbishment of an Irish National Monument. Encountering and providing engineering assessment and design solutions while still protecting the unique and historic fabric of the structural element is challenging and enjoyable.