Sample Projects

Jolly Mariner Apartments, Athlone
Lochlurgain, Salthill, Galway
Newport, Temporary Work

Temporary Works

Coyle Kennedy has provided temporary works solutions on a range of projects throughout Ireland and the UK utilising a range of solutions such as:

  • Underpinning
  • Façade Retention
  • Façade Stability
  • Soil retention using king posts and precast units
  • Propping of Foundations
  • Stability frames for buildings
  • Crane Base Design

This service is usually provided to contractors; proposing either to alter existing structures, or to construct permanent structures on a project adjacent to an existing structure or property. The temporary works associated with the project can either be above or below ground structures.

The assessment of existing structures and the clear understanding of loads, stresses and load-paths together with other site constraints are fundamental requirements in selecting and designing an appropriate and sufficient temporary works system. Soil conditions including water table and flow paths and site exposure are other fundamental but natural criteria necessary in the design of structural temporary works.

Our extensive and successful experience on a variety of projects as temporary works design engineers enable us to advise our client at a very early stage of a project as to the type and extent of the temporary works required.