Sample Projects

National Road Roundabout
Pedestrian Bridge Ennis
Carieal Mor Galway

Civil Engineering

Coyle Kennedy Ltd provides an extensive range of services in the civil engineering sector. The company specialises in civil works for large and small scale developments.

These generally entail the following services:

  • Surface Water Network Design and Detail
  • Storm water disposal – preferably using Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS)
  • Surface water attenuation Design and Detail
  • Foul Sewer Network Design and Detail
  • Foul Water Treatment Systems
  • Water Mains
  • Earth Retaining Structures
  • Local and National Road Roundabout Design and Detail
  • Internal Local and National Road Design and Detail

Coyle Kennedy has provided civil engineering services on development sites in excess of 40 Hectares. Some of these sites involved the analysis, design, detail and diversion of existing watercourses, complex storm water solutions, and foul water pumping chambers and on site foul water treatment systems. The Company has provided civil engineering services on these large scale developments that require the link up with existing national road infrastructure and the construction of new and the alteration of existing road junctions on local and national roads.